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Are you looking for finance department alternatives? You're at a right place!

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Financial Shared Services Center

Our people, your growth! Our financial consulting services are focused on establishing effective nearshore infrastructure and providing a talent pool with the chosen level of skills and expertise. We offer decision-making support and act as reliable advisors to enhance your business potential.

Our consultants are Norwegian, Swedish, English and Polish speakers experienced in the Scandinavian market and equipped with local know-how.

Provided services

Provided services

Finance and Accounting

Delivered processes in Finance and Accounting: ⦁ Accounts Payable
⦁ Outgoing payments processing and posting
⦁ Invoice posting (FI & MM)
⦁ Contact with vendors
⦁ Handling vendor statements and reminders
⦁ Bank account reconciliations
⦁ GL account posting and reconciliation (accruals, provisions)
⦁ Cashflow
⦁ Fixed Assets
⦁ Intercompany reconciliation
⦁ Audit support
⦁ Vendor Master Data

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Credit Department

Delivered processes in Credit Check: ⦁ Incoming payment allocation
⦁ Accounts Receivable
⦁ Credit Card payment allocation and reconciliations
⦁ Billing corrections
⦁ Payment reminders
⦁ Debt Collection
⦁ Credit Approval
⦁ VAT refunds
⦁ Contact with customers
⦁ Customer Master Data
⦁ Leasing for B2B customers

Supported systems: ⦁ SAP
⦁ Dynamics 365
⦁ Visma

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Delivered processes in Custom: ⦁ Harmonized Systems tariff check
⦁ Good customs clearance
⦁ Warehouse control
⦁ Customs Customer Services
⦁ Declarations control
⦁ E-Corrections
⦁ Invoice match

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Payroll & Payroll Administration

Delivered processes in Payroll ⦁ Maintaining Org. Structure in HR applications
⦁ Travel and Expense Registration
⦁ Pre-Payroll checks
⦁ Payroll processing
⦁ Sending Payslips
⦁ Reporting and statistics

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Business Controlling

Get trouble off your chest and let our specialists take care of regulating, guiding, protecting and controlling
of your processes. Includes:

⦁ Budgeting

⦁ Support Financial and Executive Departments

⦁ Financial and Non-Financial Analysis

⦁ Cost control

⦁ Reporting

Transition to nearshore

Decision to nearshore

Planning phase



Audit and continual improvement plan

Decision to nearshore

We start by getting as much insight as we can to identify the business needs of a customer, potential scope and processes in detail. We make sure that all the team members, both from your organization and from our end, share the same understanding of the project’s goals and scope of work.

Planning phase

The clue of the planning phase is getting to know our client's as well as possible. To bring the best service, we need to discover your organization's needs and take into consideration all your suggestions. We have to take into account all thinkable changes, optimization and standardization of business processes. We are in the change together!


This is the beginning of the actual transition. Our goal is to provide the smoothest possible migration. To achieve that our team visits your current team. We are going to observe and learn how your department works. In the next step, Fabres steadily starts to shadow work all the processes. Then we can come back to our office and take over tasks. At this phase, constant control and cooperation are crucial.


We are ready! All the business processes from the scope are performed well and on time. Our way of driving/leading transitions is based in customer-centerd perspective and agile development. We have years of experience in running projects that follow an iterative process.

Audit and continual improvement plan

Here comes the room for improvement! Thanks to the Go-Live phase we can suggest changes to increase efficiency and optimize processes. We believe that the best solutions are created with a continuous feedback loop in place.

Up for the challenge

Up for the challenge

Our skilled, experienced developers are ready to exceed your expectations


Choose the competence and technology or follow our advice

Part of your team

You can scale and manage the team or let us do it


Senior Accountant
⦁ Mentoring
⦁ Multidisciplinary (understands all processes and dependencies between them)
⦁ Ability to back-up all positions
⦁ Highly educated, qualified and experienced

Accountant / Specialist
⦁ Independent in the chosen area
⦁ Gaining experience in other accounting areas and their dependencies
⦁ Support for Junior Accountants

Junior Accountant
⦁ Well-trained for the assigned tasks within one area
⦁ Responsible for own tasks
⦁ Being in contact with the customer on a daily basis
⦁ Supports external contacts (phone calls)

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