TMS with Customer Portal for Fourth Party Logistics company

Providing inventory management of warehouse elements for clients of 4PL company

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A Customer Portal within TMS enables your customers to access the information and services they need through a dedicated web or mobile app. Clients can track and manage their orders or products in an easy and quick way resulting in higher satisfaction of service and less misinformation in the process. The customer portal can help you to limit costly delays and errors.

About the client

Fourth Party Logistics, also known as 4PL, offers a higher level of supply chain management for customers. The 4PL gives its clients more strategic insight and management over the enterprise's supply chain like overseeing warehouses, shipping companies, agents and much more. Such a provider maintains a single point of contact for its operations.





The challenge

Due to the recent dynamic growth of the company previous TMS was not able to fulfil the needs of our client. Especially, manual solutions of the customer portal were causing many mistakes and by that potentially expensive delays. In order to eliminate problems and find out where is their source, Fabres conducted workshops which led to the idea of renovating the TMS. Smart automation turned out to be a cure for many troubles. Additionally, the previous vendor did not manage to create a system that combined all the systems of each individual subcontractor.

Used services

Azure, .NET 6, ASP.NET MVC 6, Entity Framework Core 6, SQL Server, React, SignalR

Custom Software Development

Web Application Development

The results


Customers can access documentation regarding orders and stock products and where are they placed


Customers can order sending chosen items from warehouse X to place Y with full control over shipping parameters, deadlines, delivery service, etc.


Transport Management System is fully covering the logistic part of the supply chain to ease processes on the customers' side


Thanks to our organizational change management methodology we created a Transport Management System that allows for sharing processes between our client and subcontractors who are companies from different countries and variety of technology stacks

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